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Faurecia is inspiring the future of mobility through developing technologies for Sustainable Mobility and personalized experiences for the Cockpit of the Future. At the same time we offer solutions to meet the challenges of future generations. We are inspired to care for the planet, our business and society. This is our approach to sustainability.

Our objective to become CO2 Neutral is ambitious, compatible with the +1.5°C Paris agreement, yet realistic. We will achieve it together with our customers, suppliers, partners and all Faurecians.


As part of Faurecia’s Corporate Social Responsibility, we launched in 2020 the Faurecia Foundation, to support innovative and forward-looking initiatives focused on 3 themes: Education, Mobility and the Environment.

The Faurecia Foundation aims to help build a fairer, more mobile and more environmental-friendly society to ensure that we preserve the planet for future generations. Every year, Faurecia employees are invited to submit projects with a social impact and in need for time or financial resources. The projects can be managed by our employees themselves or in partnership with non-profit organizations.

With FUELS, "Faurecia Unites with Employees for Local Services", we get involved in various local initiatives for the common good to support people, associations and social institutions.

Under the motto "Our site helps. Where and how is up to you.", Faurecians have been doing their bit for their community in various regions since 2016. In doing so, they select aid projects themselves in which they would like to actively support. Here is a small excerpt:

Knowledge and agility are more fundamental than ever. Faurecia is counting on the collective intelligence and curiosity of staff in all functions and at all levels of the company. Much of Faurecia’s transformation strategy is based on learning.

Faurecia University’s partnerships with academia gives all Faurecians access to knowledge in the making’. The role of Faurecia University is to curate knowledge from the best minds to share with staff, leaning on internal and external expertise.

Faurecia University’s mission is to prepare managers for the current jobs, to anticipate the business expectations in the future and provide an innovative ecosystem that both supports core competencies and develops soft skills and mindset changes. Each year, Faurecia University trains more than 9,000 employees over the period with its five regional campuses. With its learning lab, the Faurecia University proposes more than 300 MOOCs on different topics such as leadership, management, diversity, ethics, AI, etc.


We are convinced: Diversity in our teams in terms of gender, origin, cultural or educational background, experience or other differences is a source of strength.

Thanks to our diversity, we better understand our customers' expectations and make better decisions. We promote the greatest possible diversity through recruitment and career management, as well as by fostering working conditions and a flexible organization adapted to individual needs.