View of a car interior with massage mat on front seat

Smart Massage Cover

Long car journeys and the associated restricted movement are often triggers for discomfort and back pain. Faurecia has developed the Smart Massage Cover - the first retrofittable massage mat certified by AGR ("Aktion Gesunder Rücken") that can effectively prevent and alleviate back pain. The company drew on its extensive expertise in interior, comfort and wellness technologies to ensure that vehicle occupants are relaxed and refreshed at the end of the journey.

The massage on the go

With its particularly ergonomic design, the massage mat promotes even blood circulation in the back and provides relaxation. In addition, it supports the spine as well as the entire musculoskeletal system and optimally adapts to the shape of the car seat. This noticeably increases comfort and well-being while driving. Thanks to a patented fastening system, the Smart Massage Cover can be easily retrofitted to the backrest of almost any car seat model.

Developed by seat experts

The massage mat was designed using Faurecia Seating's extensive expertise in the development and production of high-end seats that enhance occupant well-being, comfort and safety. For its production, Faurecia uses only the highest quality automotive materials and pneumatic components normally found only in the models of major premium manufacturers.

For every need: individually adjustable programs

The Smart Massage Cover can be controlled via a free, intuitive app for iOS and Android smartphones, initially offering users a choice of two basic programs with different massage patterns. The intensity and speed of the massage can be precisely adjusted via the app. This allows individual control of whether the massage should have a relaxing or energizing effect.

The specially developed massage system consists of eight large, separately controllable air chambers that enable an optimal massage effect. Depending on the program and individual needs, the chambers are filled and emptied with air.
Well-being with confirmed safety

Conventional seat pads and mats can alter the properties of the seat, making the body's behavior unpredictable in the event of an accident. To ensure that the risk of injury does not increase in the event of a collision, Faurecia is the only manufacturer to date to have had the massage mat tested and validated in virtually the same way as a normal car seat. Thanks to the built-in air chambers, which deflate when the Smart Massage Cover is not in use, the mat is no longer noticeable to the user and at the same time meets the highest safety requirements.



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