Stadthagen: Faurecia makes Donations to three charitable Organizations

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The Food Bank, the Animal Shelter and the Women’s Shelter received donations totaling EUR 7,200 from Faurecia on Friday.

Faurecia, a company whose German headquarters moved to Hanover in the fall, would like to show its appreciation to the teams at these organizations with this pre-Christmas gesture: “We asked our employees what organizations we would like to support with donations this year,” said Christian Beer, Managing Director of Faurecia Seating. “The choice was made quickly – the Food Bank, the Animal Shelter and the Women’s Shelter have been doing outstanding work for many years and are important points of contact in the city. We hope our donations will help them get off to a good start to the new year.”

“Receiving that phone call really took a load off my mind,” said Heidi Niemeyer, coordinator of the DRK Food Banks. “The pre-Christmas period is normally donation time, but people are more hesitant to donate this year.” The Food Banks will use the money firstly to pay for the sharp rise in ancillary costs and secondly as a grant for the urgently needed new refrigerated vehicle for transporting food.

The Food Bank in Stadthagen and Faurecia have a long history together. “To this day, we remember how Faurecia refurbished the entire Food Bank in 2018 – providing everything from staff to tools to furniture,” Niemeyer explained. “The call announcing the donation again was therefore very moving for us.”

The Women’s Shelter was also very pleased: the team at the Schaumburg Women’s Shelter will use the donation to purchase a rug in the playroom for the children. In addition, a yoga course will be financed for the women that they have long been asking for, but was not in the budget until now. The shelter will use the donation to take care of the dogs and cats. It will mainly finance the expensive special food that some of the animals need.

Faurecia had relocated its administrative, research and development departments, formerly based in Stadthagen, to the new site in Hanover in the fall of 2021. Small-series production and complete seat production will remain in Stadthagen.


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